Today we have been learning about cinquains a form of poem that only has five lines with 22 syllable with the lines having a order of syllables




Hard games

quick and deadly

they are very scary

when you are buying hunger games

think twice

100wc bike guy

Once in a place called Glenelg there was a boy his name was KEIR he always loved to ride his bike and play any sport this is the same case with his brother TEJA.  He is as strong as a bull and as fast as wind one day when the two were riding they stumbled across a movie set they came to a fast quick stop.the director said they were making a movie called milk-itary anyway they kept riding and almost crashed into kiev scooting down the road instead teja crashed into a hay bale Kiev  just shrugged and rode on.


Soaring through the sky

with all sizes  for all players

let me have one of these

blessed balls for our match


i need all the. Balls i can


Today we have been learning about poems for song lyrics here’s what I’ve got a remix of the schools hymn

soaring throug the sky

with all sizes for all players

let me have one of these blessed balls for our match

i need all of the balls i can

ge-et for my game i

kick the balls with frustration

twards the goals



Ther once was a boy named keir who was always there and here he has a fear of a boy named Alex who’s name is in itallics


Dan 1788


The captain was looking through his golden spy glass when I returned he asked if a dog was following me I answered yes sir he told me that the governor desperately needed a dog. We set out I was chatting to the soldier next to me “what if they belonged to someone” “who” “the natives” I answered “maybe the dogs just hang around them”the soldier said  “don’t be stupid” I said.

Then I ran towards the eucalyptus tree to warn waruwe I called her name her dingo came to me I warned her but she did not understand the troops now were cheering at the fact the dog was in my hands I took it back to camp and had full responsibility of her then rocks flew from the trees one hit my head. The soldiers said we were under attack

1788 diary entry

John 1788


Hi my names John I  am 9 years of age I was a chimney sweeper and it was horrible work, so one day I got my revenge.I  stealthy approached my masters dinning room table there were Two aprons and yes a pistol! I grabbed the pistol and dashed out the house only to find my master I lifted the pistol, hey I may not speak good English but I certainly know how to use a gun. I cocked the lever And pulled the trigger but nothing came out. so  in confusion I threw the apron over my masters face and dashed away he tore the apron in frustration and shock.As I dashed  through the street the runners caught sight of the gun and me and of course my master. they ran and toppled me to the ground then carried me to there horse the gun was Thrashed out of my hand, I grabbed for it but was too late I ended up in a court room.It was dark and cold in the court the voices echoed throughout the structure. The judge was mean and menacing he grimaced when I was found guilty “ John from Sheffield stole 1 pistol 5 pence and 2 aprons price 4 pence you are found guilty” slam That was it I was on a ship going to some new land for 7 years! We stopped rio de Jairo I tried to bust out but the gates would not budge.Now I feeling quite sick was sleeping when I heard the captain Shout land! Then we hit the rocks and stormed out I actually like d the new land there was just one thing the settlers called the problem the now I was carried to the jail so bye bye England hello new land.




I was a boy I was scared it was dark screams an explosions filled the air I imagined

My home and my brother.but when I looked behind me I saw men not just men

Boys like me some I may never see again then the captain woke me with a startle “get

Up boy” then before I knew it I was running towards the costal fortresses there Gunns bristling with ammo. I forgot about them and just ran I thought of the enemy troops they were boys to and they matter.I slowed down closed my eyes and took it all in.


My Place – 1788

We walked through the tall grass towards the eucalyptus tree my feet were cold on the dirt

And my heart beating fast me and barani both knew mung was not home then I

Had an idea “why don’t we go fishing so he smells the fish and comes back” I suggested

“I was thinking the same thing” barani said speedily “I will go fishing” I said  “WHAT! NO WAY

Stammered Barani I know better fishing spots then you. I disagreed we said we would have a dance of to show who is better the judges decided I won but barani was so force full so they went with him instead

100WC T3W4

One Monday morning a cleaner with brown dark hair and a blue vest saw a ship

Not far away it was not English but Russian it turned full starboard heading

For a container ship the HMS Chicago it  skimmed roughly through the water then

A loud bang then followed by a swivel then a white streak hit the container ship with a large bang.

Cars were piling up creating a raft it hit the harbour sticking the man.this is were the story gets weird the the said harmless ship starts firing crazily!then the cleaner ran away with a scared expression

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